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Relegation Books was founded in 2012 by Dallas Hudgens, with a mission of working with “an author who hadn’t found an audience yet” (Bethanne Patrick, Washingtonian) and “previously published but under-recognized authors” (American Booksellers Association Small Press Profile).

After the encouraging success of Hudgens’ story collection, Wake Up, We’re Here, which included Emily St. John Mandel writing that it was “easily one of the best books I’ve read this year” in a profile in The Millions and Roxane Gay praising “awesome endings in every story,” Relegation Books went on to publish the novels On Bittersweet Place by Ronna Wineberg, A Single Happened Thing by Daniel Paisner, The Loved Ones by Sonya Chung, and the nonfiction and art titles, With Paris In Mind: Talking with Artists of This Generation by Will Mountain Cox, and The Game by Stuart Roy Clarke, an in-depth photographic study of British football culture. Clarke’s Glastonbury All Mine will be published this spring, and Roundabout, Cox’s debut novel, will be published this fall.

Relegation Books is distributed by Itasca Books, and titles are available via Ingram. In addition to Hudgens’ role as publisher and editorial director, Lauren Cerand advises on publicity, marketing and general strategy, alongside a team of independent creative professionals who come together on a project basis, including artist and Youth Attack Records founder Mark McCoy, who designed the logo, designer and Featherproof Books founder Zach Dodson, who designs all of the covers, editor Jules Hucke, and Nicolette Nance. Joseph Grantham and Lily Meyer have joined the team in 2023.

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