Five Poems

Poetry by Vishal Narang
everything happened unexpectedly, by Nutsa Gogaladze. Copyright the artist. Courtesy the artist.

Intellectual Checkmate

We’ll have fun
We’ll have chicken pot fun
It will be Bob Marley influenced
It will all be very Bob Marley influenced


young and full of pasta
in the middle of the night
your GMC Envoy
Iike a horse outside
takes you home in the morning
through the rain without thunder
through the rain without lightning
through the rain without breakfast
through the rain without buttons
through the rain without horses
just carpools to school
trafficking children
in a technical way

at Guitar Center

the amount of staff around the registers felt
nothing seemed final
I had to ask if I was good to go
I felt peculiarly old
when I said "take care"
a bearded man was checking me out
in a non-sexual way
I think I know him from a dream
or have seen him in Hawaii


ate just the
right amount of peanuts
right amount of peanuts


I’ve received gifts I’ve never used
a dictation software my cousin swore by
dragon or something

I’ve farted so loud the neighbor’s dog barked
an indoor dog
cinnamon maybe

how can a word like general mean
almost nothing
and be a dignified title at the same time

jumping in the pool with tissues in my pocket
two fish make a yin yang I don’t get to see

Vishal Narang

Vishal Narang lives in Maryland just outside DC, where he was born in 1990. He has published online under his own name as well as 'Shal Nirvanus.' Vishal also makes music as Airhead DC. 

Nutsa Gogaladze

Nutsa Gogaladze is a self-taught artist, illustrator and curator based in Tbilisi, Georgia. She received a BBA in finance from Georgian International University in 2020. In 2022, Gogaladze completed a non-formal master course in creative mediation at CCA (The center of contemporary art) and founded the social project “March Gallery” to support senior self-taught Georgian artists. In 2024 she illustrated the very first children's book called "Wish Goes home" written by Matthew K Ward, in collaboration with The Museum of The Southwest in Midland, Texas. She is currently having her first solo exhibition in the museum.