The Game

July 31, 2020
On Sale: July 31, 2020

British documentary photographer and social commentator Stuart Roy Clarke has been covering the game of soccer for more than thirty years, focusing his keen eye not just on the players but also the fans, stadiums, cities, and pubs; people and places that reveal the cultural and historical significance of soccer in the UK and beyond, telling intimate stories that we often miss as American fans following the top international clubs from a distance. In 2017-18, Clarke got together with John Williams, a sociologist at the University of Leicester who writes about soccer and its fans, to try to tell the story of the game they love. Their lively conversations, along with a feast of Clarke’s exhilarating photos, form The Game, a beautiful book that gets to the bottom and the top of what makes the beautiful game so enduring. First published in the UK in 2018 by Liverpool-based Bluecoat Press, Clarke and Williams have updated The Game with additional photos and conversation for a North American release of one-thousand copies by Relegation Books.

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Stuart Roy Clarke, b.1961 in Hertfordshire in England, is a photographer, artist, exhibitor, film-maker who is best known for his 30-year-long opus Homes of Football. The body of work has spawned 10 hardback books and a record number of traveling exhibitions. He has a daughter Ava, 14, not yet ‘a photographer.’

John Williams is an Associate Professor in the sociology of sport at the University of Leicester in the UK. He is widely known for his work on sports culture, especially soccer fandom, and is a season card holder at Liverpool Football Club.